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Welcome to My Site

As the daughter of two authors, I suppose I was doomed to become one myself. I also grew up going over for Movie Night to a science-fiction writer’s strange and beautiful home, going to writer’s conferences, and was constantly surrounded by books.

In spite of this, it took me until I was 26 to get my first really, really good idea for a book. I decided to combine three of my dearest loves: Florida, true crime, and writing into my first book: Florida Can Be Murder. (That probably won’t stay the title.)

With lots of coffee, research, and support from everyone I love, I was able to complete the first draft of my book! Now, I’m trying to polish my book while also trying to start a podcast about the weirdness of Florida, keep my full-time job that I love, and struggle with a mysterious illness and two terrible cats. I hope you’ll tag along as I go.